You said, we did

You said, we did

Sunderland CCG is committed to acting on the views of the local community. Here you can see how feedback from the local community has made a real difference to the way your healthcare is provided. The idea behind ‘You said, we did’ is to show how your opinions have affected the decisions that the CCG has made.

Winter Flu Campaign 2014

You said: the ‘Keep Calm’ Campaign was a bit past it’s sell by date and some of the colours and font size were  hard to see for people with visual impairment.

We did: Change the font sizes and layout for this year to make the messages more clear. For next year we will ask you to decide the winter campaign with us, starting at the Local Engagement Board in June 2015

Urgent Care

You said: We don’t know where to go between Walk in centres, minor injuries units, GPs and A&E.
They are open at different times, do different things and pass you from one to the other.

We did: Changed how urgent care is planned so the above won’t happen anymore. From September 1st all Urgent Care Centres will be GP lead. They will offer the same services, over standard hours and the CCG will organise a campaign to let people know this before the change.

Houghton Urgent Care Centre

You said: There no out of hours GP services locally available for this part of Sunderland. It seems we always miss out.

We did: The Houghton Urgent Care Centre will open on September 1st to complete the compliment of 4 across Sunderland (Washington, Bunny Hill, City Hospitals Sunderland and Houghton).

Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust: Crisis Team Intervention (mental health services)

You said: This really isn’t working you can’t get help in a crisis and there is no help before it becomes a crisis.

We did: We worked with NTW to transform access to services. Access to crisis services have now been significantly improved through the development of the Initial Response Team.

Health and social care services

You said: It’s all very confusing as to who does what, I never seem to have continuity of care and services don’t appear to talk to each other.

We did: We have started a huge piece of work which will join up health and social care services so people can’t ‘fall through the gaps’. This will take us some time and we will engage patients and the public throughout the process. We are aiming to implement these changes in April 2015.