Quality in healthcare is 'Over2You'

We are supporting Gentoo, who are working in partnership with South Yorkshire Housing Association and St. Vincent’s Housing Association on a new project called Over2You. The aim of the project is to improve health and care services in the North of England.

Over2You volunteers will receive accredited training and develop skills to be able to hold Information & Advocacy Sessions to people accessing services. This will give people a better understanding of their rights in receiving quality care and how to challenge where needed. Volunteers will also be trained to carry out Quality Questionnaires with local service users.

These questionnaires will form a Quality Insight Report so that the service can improve to ensure quality care is given based on the expectancy and criteria of their customers. Information will also be shared with Department of Health.

We are looking to recruit volunteers who have experience of accessing health and care either for themselves or close family or friends. Volunteers will receive support throughout the project from both the Project Co-ordinator and also qualified healthcare mentors. Benefits to the volunteers include; accredited training, opportunities to increase experience in health & social care and also increased health & wellbeing from volunteering experience as well as knowledge which may benefit themselves, family, friends and their community.

We are also looking to recruit professionals who have experience and qualifications in healthcare to volunteer some of their time as mentors to our volunteers. The role of a mentor will be to provide advice and support, aiming to help volunteers navigate healthcare services. This can be done face to face, by email or by telephone calls. Mentors can be currently employed, students or retired but will be required to be able to volunteer some of their time to the project.

We also welcome any services who would benefit from a Quality Insight Report and community groups or events where people may benefit from an Information or Advocacy Session.

If you feel you can support Over2You in anyway – recommending suitable volunteers or mentors, or if you wish for your service to receive a Quality Insight Report, please contact Jessica Clark-Barkess on 0191 525 5681, 07540 967850 or by emailing jess.clark-barkess@gentooliving.com.

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