Who we work with

We work closely with NHS England, local authorities, Health and Wellbeing Board, and other stakeholders to develop a successful healthcare system.

Who we work with

As part of our vision for ‘better health for Sunderland’ it is important for us to work closely with the local community and we currently engage with a wide range of local partners including local authorities, the business community, community and voluntary sector and clinicians to ensure the very best health and social care for our patients.

We work closely with the local council, through the Sunderland Health and Wellbeing Board and we are in the process of developing relationships with Healthwatch, a new local independent body, who ensure that the views of people who use health and social care services are heard. We regularly engage with the community and voluntary sector who provide an important voice for patients, and invaluable insight into the health challenges faced by local people.

Sunderland Partnership 

NHS Sunderland Clinical Commissioning group are a member organisation of the Sunderland Partnership. The Sunderland Partnership is a range of organisations from the public, private, voluntary and community sector, working closely together to benefit the city of Sunderland. For more info https://www.sunderlandpartnership.org.uk/