City Hospitals Sunderland AEC movement


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City Hospitals Sunderland Achievements:

The Emergency Ambulatory Care Team was assembled to reduce unnecessary inpatient admissions.  The team has shown a great commitment to develop new ways of maximising excellent care and minimising unnecessary admissions.  The team has developed a multitude of pathways, some of which are nurse led, and they actively seek out patients from ED and IAU to help ease pressure on those departments.  Every day they are freeing up vital resources and proving they are committed to supporting excellent care throughout City Hospitals Sunderland.  Earlier this year at a national event in London, the team was honoured with the awards for “Best great Nursing leadership” and “Best Dashboard for Showing the Impact of Emergency Ambulatory Care”.  Peers in the community have praised the team for the personal service they provide, how responsively they operate and how seamlessly cases are handed over.