Sunderland AEC work programme and vision

Our AEC vision is to encourage clinical discussion between key partners to ensure the right patients benefit from AEC, in the right place, time and by the right professional thus providing a simple and seamless pathway to patients across different sectors – AEC is not a location but a philosophy of care.

Our key objectives are to:

  • Test different ways of working – looking at being innovative and how things can be different. Figure two (insert graphics from storyboard) identifies the area of clinical discussion we are trying to create ensuring patients get to the right place first time e.g. direct access to AEC, RAH or admission etc.
  • Initiating the culture shift to adopt AEC principles and ways of working

The AEC work programme within Sunderland consists of five key areas tackling specific patient pathways as well as the AEC concept itself:

  1. AEC pathways: Cellulitis and DVT
  2. AEC Decision Makers: Clinical Leadership and Challenge. Capacity is decision makers and action takers not cubicles, beds or trolleys or chairs!
  3. NEAS Direct Access to AECU: Patient accessing right service first time
  4. Patient, Public and Staff Engagement: Engage key stakeholders in change
  5. IT Solutions: Map of Medicine to support pathways within General Practice

Below is an overview document of the work programme.

If you would like to discuss in more details please contact: