What is AEC?

AEC is a way of managing a significant proportion of emergency patients on the same day, without admission to a hospital bed. It is a transformational change in care delivery and has the potential to be as significant to emergency care as day case surgery is to elective care.  The following short video provides a useful overview:

The problems in Sunderland are….

  • Nationally and locally, EDs are experiencing overcrowding and increasing waits
  • Hospital becoming grid locked
  • Unnecessary admissions/referrals into hospital
  • Variability in practice
  • Under utilisation of community resources

Our solution to date is….

  • Develop a whole system approach to AEC in Sunderland to initiate change
  • Improve patient flow with the use of AEC
  • Clinically change the way clinicians work and think
  • Move from a traditional approach to admitting emergency patients to hospital thus providing a more holistic model of care 

This requires….

  • A whole system work programmeto test different ways of working – challenging the norms
  • Strong clinical leadership from all areas of practice to work together to initiate and drive change

Benefits/outcomes will be….

  • Reduction in hospital admissions and patients length of stay
  • Increased staff and patient satisfaction
  • Patients will be treated in the right place first time, reducing waste in the system
  • Delivery of a safe, cost effective AEC service which patients will love!

Sunderland AEC Process Map to help identify areas of improvement: