Key contacts and referral process for safeguarding children

When making a referral practitioners can identify a child’s / young person’s level of need and indicate what the most appropriate referral pathway is to access and meet those need by referencing the SSCB Multi Agency Guide to our Thresholds of Need.

Please click on the following for How to make a referral to Childrens Services .

Early Help is offering advice, support and direct interventions at the earliest point of identified need. The aims of Early Help are to support families to support themselves, to prevent problems escalating and to reduce the numbers needing statutory interventions.

Early Help sits within level 2 (the green boxes in the threshold document) – reading the issues within the green boxes can provide a sense of what should be addressed by offering Early help.

Advice and guidance about how and when to use the paperwork, or on any other aspect of early help and intervention, can be obtained from the Early Help Advice and Allocations Team on 0191 561 4084, or by emailing us at

Early Help link .