Information for professionals

Key local information

When making a referral practitioners can identify a child’s / young person’s level of need and indicate what the most appropriate referral pathway is to access and meet those need by referencing the SSCB Multi Agency Guide to our Thresholds of Need

How to make a referral to Childrens Services

If you are worried about a child – report your concerns

Emergency: If a child is in immediate danger or left alone, you must contact the police or call an ambulance on 999.

If there is no immediate danger or you need advice or information, you should contact the following:

If this is a new Child in Need or Child Protection referral then please ring:
ICRT – 0191 520 5560 and complete the Safeguarding Referral Form, sending it to:

Out of Hours – Emergency Duty Team – 0191 520 5552. After office hours, at weekends and on public holidays, please contact the Emergency Duty Team for immediate child protection concerns

Early Help Assessments
To make a request for additional Early Help support, please send a Registration and Consent Form, signed by the parent, and your current Early Help Plan and any Reviews to:

For enquiries about Early Help Assessments please ring: 0191 561 4084