Hylton Medical Group - April 2018

Practice boundary is changing

Most of our patients live in SR1, SR2, SR3 and SR4, with a smaller number in SR5-SR7 and other areas.
We are changing our practice boundary to include SR1-SR4 only. This will help us to provide healthcare to our patients more efficiently.

Most patients do not need to take any action. A very small number of patients will be asked to register with a new GP practice.

We have written to everyone who may be affected by this change.

To find out more:
• Visit the website at www.hyltonmedicalgroup.nhs.uk
• Call on 0191 565 8595
• Email the practice manager at kellyhardy@nhs.net

If you have received a letter, please read it carefully.

Please see poster for information – Hylton practice boundary change poster