GP appointments available on evenings and weekends

Tue 19th December 2017


You can book a GP appointment over the weekend or evening at one of the treatment hubs.

Ring your GP surgery

Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm

Ring NHS 111

Between 6pm and 8am, and on weekends.

To book an appointment, you must first contact your GP practice or telephone NHS 111 who will ask you a series of questions about your condition and, where appropriate, book you an appointment at your nearest treatment centre.

They may also book an appointment at your registered GP practice the next day if your condition is less serious.

Date Hub opening Practices opening
23 Dec 9am – 5.30pm n/a
24 Dec 9am – 5.30pm n/a
25 Dec n/a n/a
26 Dec 10am – 2.00pm n/a
27 Dec 6pm-8.30 pm 8am – 6.00pm
28 Dec 6pm-8.30pm 8am – 6pm
29 Dec 6pm-8.30pm 8am – 6pm
30 December 9am – 5.30pm n/a
31 Dec 9am – 5.30pm n/a
1 Jan 10am – 2pm n/a

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