Musculoskeletal change of provider - frequently asked questions

How and why the CCG went to procurement?

The contract with the existing provider was due to expire and the CCG was keen to improve the integration of care and streamline clinical pathways for patients with musculoskeletal conditions.

Why was change needed to local services?

As a CCG we are committed to improving services work together.  As the current contract was due to expire it provided the CCG with an opportunity to provide a more integrated service.

Who made the decision?

Our GP member practices are responsible for the decisions we make as a CCG.  They have delegated their authority to a number of groups including the CCG’s Executive Committee and Governing Body.

The Executive Committee delivers day to day management and delivery for the planning and purchasing (commissioning) of local NHS healthcare for the people of Sunderland.  More information on our Executive Committee is available here.

The Governing Body meets in public four times a year to discuss the CCG’s work and assess its progress.  You can read more about our governing body here.

The decision to award the contract to South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust was made by the Executive Committee and supported by the Governing Body.

How have patients been involved in the process?

Throughout the procurement process there has been patient involvement.  The CCG held a number of patient focus groups both on the current and future model.  Patients of the current service were also asked to complete questionnaires and a number of one to one patient interviews were carried out.

Who will be running the new service?

The new service will be delivered by South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust.  Patients will continue to receive a service that is free at the point of care.

Where will this be provided?  Where will I get my local care?

The new service will offer more choice to patients and will be available in a variety of locations in Sunderland including the 5 Primary Care Centres and Sunderland Royal Hospital.

I am receiving treatment at the moment, how will this affect me?

The current services will continue to be provided in the same way while plans are made to introduce the new service from 1 October 2015.

Although there will be some patients receiving treatment as the provider changes over we have met with both the current and prospective provider to minimise any disruption.

We will provide patients with any information if there are any changes to their treatment and a contact number will be provided address queries or questions.