Check your prescriptions

Check your prescription – help save NHS funds


  • Only order the medicines that you need from the GP
  • When you collect your prescription, open the bag and check your medicines before you leave the pharmacy
  • Hand back any medicines that you do not need at this time. You can always order more next time if you need them then
  • Take your medicines if you can, tell us if you can’t

Over £500,000 is wasted on medications in Sunderland each year


We are asking for your help in reducing waste so that the money saved can be spent on other vital NHS services.

  • Unwanted medicines that are returned to the pharmacy must be destroyed, even if they have not been opened. They cannot be reused for other patients
  • When you first get your prescription, it is important that you hand back anything that you do not need, either at the pharmacy counter or to the delivery driver
  • Don’t be afraid to speak to your doctor pharmacist or nurse about your medicines. They would rather know if you are having problems with them
  • Remember – prescriptions ordered in haste, can cause waste


Check your prescriptions leaflet